A Conversation about Mumford and Sons—June 5, 2011, The Pageant Saint Louis, MO

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I get by with a little help from my friend, Sarah, who knows more about Mumford and Sons than I ever will.  She started the conversation, and I just ran with it.

Sarah: When The Pageant announced in March that Mumford and Sons would be playing a show in Saint Louis in June, obtaining a ticket became every music lover’s ultimate goal.  Those of us fortunate enough to actually get tickets to the show that sold out in approximately 27 minutes, waited anxiously through the spring to see one of the most exciting and talented bands to come out of England in a long time.  Despite high expectations that any band might struggle to meet, Mumford and Sons did not disappoint.

Jennifer: I was lucky enough that Sarah was able to get extra tickets for my husband and me.  We don’t usually travel for a concert since there is so much quality music in Nashville, but the chance to see Mumford and Sons was too great to pass up.  As we stood in line awaiting entrance, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the line of people that waited with us.  Their popularity is unquestioned, and it just made me more excited to be a part of the amazing night ahead.

Sarah: The energy these four talented musicians brought to the stage from the very first song until the last was incredible.  They played through most of the Sigh No More album, singing such favorites as “Little Lion Man”, “White Blank Page”, “The Cave” and even performing “Thistle and Weeds”, complete with a horn section.  The many layers of Marcus Mumford’s insightful lyrics were brought to life on stage as the band demonstrated their talent runs deep.  While Mumford is the clear leader of the band, his musical partners Ted Dwane, Winston Marshall, and Ben Lovett were impressive to hear and fun to watch.  One of the most moving moments of the night was an a cappella version of “Timshel”, performed to a hushed audience without the use of a PA system.  It is moments like these that Mumford and Sons’ raw musical talent becomes undoubtedly clear.

Jennifer: While I absolutely loved hearing the favorites from their current album, the new songs they played were the highlight of my night.  I couldn’t tell you the titles of any, but I can tell you that the future of Mumford and Sons promises to deliver everything you already love about the band and then some.  Their forthcoming tunes are packed with the same command of dynamics, the same energy in every note, and the very same joy the band brings to music.  After the peek they gave at their new album, I plan to be first in line to buy it.

Sarah: The only complaint throughout this amazing night of music was the audience.  Unfortunately, the camaraderie that often exists at live shows, the connection audience members feel upon sharing their love of music seemed to be lacking at this concert.  Additionally, the sold-out show filled The Pageant to a level that seemed excessive and made it difficult to see the stage.   Luckily enough, Mumford and Sons is such an incredible live band that as long as you can hear the music, it’s impossible to be disappointed.

Jennifer: It was hard to enjoy the show at first, with people talking over the supporting bands.  I hoped they’d calm a bit when Mumford and Sons appeared, but the crowd was just warming up along with the openers.  By the time the main show arrived, the audience was louder than ever.  I have to wonder why people would pay to see their favorite band and then talk through the entire thing.  I still agree with Sarah that the pure heart and talent that Mumford and Sons left on the stage was more than enough to overlook the state of the crowd.  I left feeling even more in love with this incredible band, and I have plans to see them again just as soon as I can.



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  1. Katherine says:

    What a great commentary about the concert! I love Sarah’s insight into the event and would love to hear more from her in the future. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer & Sarah!

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