Aaron Shanley Set to Release Album “Please Tell Me the Clocks Are Lying” through American Cadence Records

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Aaron Shanley, award-winning singer/songwriter of Northern Ireland, will release his first full-length album June 5 with American Cadence Records and later this summer with Love Gum Records in the United Kingdom.

Shanley, the recipient of the 2010 Katherine Brick Young Songwriter of the Year and 2010 “Best Male Award” for the Access to Music Awards, has previous released several EPs with his own label, Love Gum Records. Let the Sun In, his debut, was released with an additional EP called The Nashville Sessions. He’s now ready to present Please Tell Me the Clocks Are Lying with American Cadence Records, the American partner to his Northern Ireland company.

Making music he loves with artists he respects is what Shanley considers success, and with Please Tell Me the Clocks Are Lying, he feels he’s reached success. Working with friend and business partner Kiernan McMullan, who recently released his sophomore album with both American Cadence and Love Gum, was easy and resulted in some new sounds. He’s introducing a more upbeat, bluesy sound with this album, which is a departure from the ballads of his past.

Shanley says the songs were written without an album in mind, which resulted in a collection of songs that don’t seem to fit, but then they do. He took the time to create tunes that inspired, pulling influences from several different places in his life, including other musicians, life experiences, and a desire to grow and learn. The finished product is a truly cohesive album with unique tracks that push the limits. He’s not afraid to experiment with tempos, time signatures, chord structures, and even cadence, resulting in a fresh take with a familiar feel.

The album has been available for presale on the American Cadence Records site and will soon be available through iTunes, as well. You can visit Aaron’s Facebook page to sample some of his work. You can also visit the American Cadence website for more information about Aaron’s album and other forthcoming projects.

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