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By Melissa Haklitch

Cheyenne Marie Mize’s debut solo album is anything but amateur. Channeling vocals similar to that of Cat Power’s Chan Marshall and Julie Sokolow, Mize challenges the best women singer/songwriters of the indie/folk scene.

While Mize has performed with numerous known musical artists including Arnett Hollow and the Carter Family, Before Lately is her first solo release. Mize has developed her own signature style of songwriting that creatively weaves tempo with clever instrumental patterns creating a gentle, melodic tone present in nearly every track. By combining several genres, Mize presents an album that varies track by track and keeps the listener interested.

Before Lately is the perfect culmination of folk, indie, and love ballad influences, and every track offers a new perspective on a known style. Tracks like “Lull” draw you up into Mize’s psyche and let you swirl around for a few moments, enveloped in the sheer delicacy of her subconscious. Soothing and heartbreaking all at once, Before Lately defies convention and introduces human emotion in a beautifully new way.

Whether you are watching the rain drops fall gently on your window, driving home from work, or sitting by the warm fireplace, this album will be a perfect companion. The album is the perfect companion for relaxation, or a much needed break from the frustrations that are everyday life.

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