Album Review: Comfort by Heyrocco

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Charleston-based trio Heyrocco has really gone above and beyond expectation with their first LP, Comfort. After setting their first EP on repeat, I thought I knew what this band was all about. The Friends Mixtape put forth catchy, upbeat tunes with some clever lyrics and prodigious musicianship. I say prodigious because one or two of these guys are still waiting for that all-important eighteenth birthday. As impressive as their first offering was, it has nothing on Comfort.

This record shows so much growth and learning that it almost sounds like a different band. Except for Nathan’s instantly recognizable voice, I may have been fooled into thinking I was listening to a well-established, signed trio. In any case, it’s clear that’s the direction this band is heading. Anyone would be hard pressed to deny the talent and intelligence each member of Heyrocco possesses.

As serious as the musical chops may be, there’s also a lot of silliness contained herein. In between songs about growing up, choosing life paths, and addressing the need for responsibility, such as Staples and The Boston Marathon, there are also some gems like Kanye West, which seems to be an excuse for venturing into the unknown and letting loose. The electronic track features Nathan’s ethereal vocals in a well-controlled falsetto.

This is music you should play at a healthy volume, allow it to wrap around you, and simply enjoy it. Rave Monks is my favorite driving song, and Young sits on repeat as I write. There are different moods, emotions, and messages throughout the record, but it all comes together into a solid LP. If you’re a fan of The Antlers’ introspection, My Morning Jacket’s experimentation, and The Killers’ stunning vocals, Heyrocco’s Comfort should be your next purchase.

Find it on iTunes and Amazon, or visit the Heyrocco Facebook page for further information.

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