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The Los Angeles, California based band Paladino will release their self-titled debut album on November 15, 2011. The album is a mix of original songs and covers of classic country tunes like the standard Have You Ever Been Lonely and the seminal Green Green Grass of Home which was made popular by the late-great Porter Wagoner. The quintet Paladino consists of (front-man, lead singer, and songwriter) Jonathan Harkham, (guitarist) Chris Isom, (guitarist) Adrienne Isom, (bass guitar) Annie Rothschild, and (drummer) Jon Rygiewicz. Paladino’s songs combine traditional country sounds with psychedelic, folk, and harder edged rock music to create their own unique brand of alt. country that will surely earn them a legion of loyal fans.

The albums first track “Lonely Mountain” is an up tempo country-rock song that will have listeners wondering if Jim Morrison is alive and The Doors have become an alt. country band. Paladino follows this remarkable track with a superb cover of the Woody Guthrie classic “Snow Deer.”  “Ode To Misery” is a whimsical up tempo song that seems to draw elements of its sound from The Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, and a little Bob Dylan. The two songs that follow, “In Exile” and “Mexicali Rainsong” sound like the Grateful Dead recruited Jim Morrison to sing a few songs with them. The whole album is interesting synthesis of modern and classic sounds that culminate with perhaps the best track on the album “Too Many Rivers” which is a slow crooner that will leave traditional country fans salivating for more.

Paladino has produced an instant classic with their soon to be released self titled album. The blending of old and new musical sounds with the constant crooning vocals of front-man Jonathan Harkham make for an album worth closely listening to. Fans of a multiplicity of various genres will absolutely love this album and keep its songs in constant rotation on their personal playlists. The covers are done in a way that makes them sound fresh and new and the originals have a nostalgic flavor that makes them seem like old friends we haven’t seen in a long time. Do not miss Paladino when they come to your town and grab this album as soon as you can you will not be disappointed that you did. For more information on Paladino, their new album, and more visit them at or check them out at In conclusion, as always keep reading, keep it real, and keep it country.

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