Album Review of The Waifs: Temptation

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Born in a spirit of independence, the Australian folk rock band The Waifs have toured the world, since their formation in 1992, and made their special style of music, on their own terms and in their own way. The Waifs, whose core members are Sisters Vikki Thorn and Donna Simpson together with Josh Cunningham, produce music that comes from their hearts, souls, and personal experiences. This kind of artistic integrity is a rarity, in this day and age of marketing gurus and image consultants pining and exploiting every facet of their plastic-human commodities. The Waifs sixth studio album, Temptation, was released via Compass Records, on April 26, 2011. Temptation is a superb collection of eleven well crafted and diverse songs that speak to the essence of the human journey. The Waifs have grown spiritually, artistically, and personally with every album and Temptation emphatically continues this progression.

Track number four, “Beautiful Night,” is a funky song reminiscent of 1950’s rock and roll radio. There is a sultry innocence, in the vocal delivery and stripped down sound of the music, which conjures the image of a young schoolgirl begging for a back seat romp with the tough greaser, from across the tracks. “Falling,” the sixth track on the album, is a Dylanesque folk rock song complete with harmonica solo and a quirky vocal delivery. The lyrics tell the story of a woman that has intense feelings for a man that seems emotionally detached and unwilling to reciprocate the same feelings. Track number seven, “Somedays,” is a beautiful but haunting song of heartache and a wanton disappointment, in the loss of love and the wreckage that is left behind, during the aftermath of a once loving human relationship. The feeling the lyrics and powerful vocal delivery evoke is of desperation and confusion coupled with the reality that life continues to move forward despite the circumstances or emotions that weigh us down.

Temptation is one of those albums that grabs the heart, soul, and mind of listeners and refuses to let go, until they profess their extreme love or hate for it. The Waifs have made an album that bears the mark of mature and master songwriters and musicians. Fans of folk, rock, country, and all the blurred subgenres in between should, without a second thought, add this monumental album to their collection. The Waifs are a truly rare combination of extremely talented songwriters and musicians that continue to quietly build their legacy one masterpiece at a time. For more information, on The Waifs tour, music, and much more, visit or look them up on facebook at


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