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By Brian Lightfoot

Silje Nes’ newest release Opticks is a serene and sleepy record that sonically draws images of wintry landscapes and glassy waters. Like other Northern European songwriters, Silje’s pronunciation, lyrical delivery and vocal style come across as innocent, child-like and sometimes even magical. Vocal layering techniques, instruments played at just above whisper level and overall creeping tempos make this record one to meditate with (perhaps while drinking something warm and spiced).

The album’s enjoyability grows with each listen; its dreamy melodies at first seeming repetitive and indistinct, become more and more memorable. Static hisses, ticking clocks and bird sounds pair with lo and hi-fi instrumentation and fit Silje’s voice sweetly.

The tones created on the album are comparable to Azure Rey and Stina Nordenstam but lack some of the production quality these fellow “whisper pop” musicians have been lucky enough to achieve.

Silje’s talent shines brightly through on Opticks, and are best described as simply pure and enchanting.

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