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By Lindsey Austin
Herringbone, the debut EP by Way Yes is just waiting for the goofy impromptu dance parties that sometimes happen when long-missed friends reunite for the holidays. Glenn Davis and Travis Hall hail from Columbus, Ohio and refuse to be anything but true to their weirdo selves in their self-released EP.

Way Yes has been compared to Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat movement, which aptly describes the beachy, calypso vibe of these songs. Davis and Hall blend worldbeat guitar riffs with Muppet-like vocal silliness and dance-worthy rhythm while showcasing some pretty good lyrics about cereal box prizes and ice cream. “Colorblind” and “Johanna” are real gems, with the first invoking a bit of Graceland-era Paul Simon and the latter pumping up the shimmering neon beach vibes. This stuff is super-approachable, feel-good music that is sure to make you miss summer already.

Herringbone is out December 14th.
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