Album Review: Young Circles – “Bones” – (Independent)

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Young Circles are playing Art Basel in Miami tonight (Dec. 4th). Those of you who are planning to go or are at the festival already must know that I am swallowing a huge amount of jealousy to urge you to see this band at the White Room. I’ll be there in spirit — that crazy unhinged dancing spirit in the corner.

Young Circles’ debut EP Bones is due for independent release January 11, 2011. I can’t wait to see the ripples start. This band is going places. Their experimental sound is big and lush and runs its own gamut. You could compare Young Circles to Flaming Lips or other experimental giants, but don’t. Because the minute you do, they surprise you. Bones is a six-song tease that begins with screaming feedback and ominous bass and ends with the last three songs forming a solid glimpse of what’s to come. “Hellhound Sights” is an unexpected piano-laden track with a swinging tempo complete with what sounds like jazz flute. The title track is the sparsest of the group and relies on stripped-down guitars to complement a haunting chorus and disillusioned lyrics. Young Circles then tear down the song’s traditional format, reducing it to a howl of noise by the end of the track.

“Sharp Teeth” is the definite highlight of the EP, an anthem with rapped vocals and a grinding beat juxtaposed with sweet, sunny interludes. Young Circles uses this juxtaposition of sweet and heavy to work their magic, bringing you in and turning every conclusion you draw on its head. Best to let this band be its own beast, one with supple soft fur and oh-so-sharp teeth.

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