American Cadence Records: New Artist-Aware Label in Nashville

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Photo by Heather Johns

Nashville recording engineer Logan Buerlein and seasoned music veteran Kiernan McMullan have teamed up to create a refreshing new record label for artists who love their music and want to share it with the world. These talented and dedicated professional have something a little different in mind when it comes to producing and presenting a record, though. With firm ideas of what they want, which is basically to let the artist call the shots, Logan and Kiernan hope to make their mark on music in a new way.

The partners in this venture have some pretty extensive experience in the music business, too. You may know Kiernan McMullan from his first album Perfect People Are Boring. After high school in Ireland, Kiernan spent some time studying lighting and sound, as well as stage production. At the age of twenty, he signed a record deal with 111Records, a Warner subsidiary based out of Orlando. This brought him to America in 2008, where he began touring.  He started from the ground up, the same way many of the artists he hopes to work with do it – months of hitchhiking and Greyhound buses before finding a band and setting up a base here in Nashville.

Logan Buerlein has a musical history, but most of it is behind the scenes. Rather than following his music dreams after college, he entered the ad world.  As he explains, the music world and advertising are quite similar, though music now gives him something tangible to sell rather than ideas.  While he enjoyed the work he did, he missed his passion – music.  With his knowledge in advertising and his love for the Nashville music scene, he hopes to mix the two to bring something new and fresh to the market.

The option to record with American Cadence comes in two separate ways. The first is for artists who have a real desire to record an album with the label on their own terms. Bands can work with Buerlein and McMullan to develop an EP or LP from an idea into a solid record and something they can be proud of. For those who are already committed to a label, there is the option to record unplugged, raw and real, just for fun – and a chance to make a difference for kids through the Wood & Wire series.

Wood & Wire is a cause dear to the label’s heart. These limited edition vinyl recordings are created to benefit WO Smith Music School in Nashville. All proceeds from the Wood & Wire series are donated to the school, giving the label and the artists a chance to support music education in a very real way.  As an additional pledge from American Cadence, a portion of all proceeds under the regular label will also be committed to the cause.

Photo by Heather Johns

This is a company looking to make a difference in the world of music through several different avenues. Their willingness to work with an artist to develop a record that will stand the test of time through excellent production quality and the freedom to breathe is something rarely seen in the music world, especially with a label of any kind.  They take this dedication to the creation of music one step further by ensuring future generations have the chance to learn and grow at WO Smith Music School. If you have lamented the direction the music business has taken or the lack of music education in schools, this is surely a venture you can get behind.

If you want to know more about American Cadence, you can check out their website. Don’t forget to stop by the store to see the limited edition Wood & Wire vinyl featuring Kiernan McMullan and Brandon Jaehne. Then take a trip over to check out the websitefor WO Smith Music School to see how this amazing organization is making a big difference for talented kids.


Featured photo credit: Kazu D Hishida

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