American Cadence Records Set to Release Charlie Abbott’s “Brand New Weather”

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In the wake of the undeniable success that is Kiernan McMullan’s sophomore album, Two Years, American Cadence Records is preparing to bring something a little grittier to the table. Charlie Abbott embraces the indie scene and takes pride in stepping on the cracks, and this is evident in his forthcoming record.


Charlie’s no stranger to the music world, having played with different bands and traveled on the road for over ten years. This, however, will be his first solo effort, and he’s determined to do exactly what he wants. He’s not shy about naming his influences, including The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Modest Mouse, and Ryan Adams. A quick preview of the coming music shows that this is a guy who likes rock music–unabashedly. Even the tender tunes have an edge.


Charlie also says that he likes to keep things a little bit “weird.” Artists of the past have proven that weird can be incredible, especially if there is a balance between what is comfortable and what is new and unusual. “Sometimes when I’m playing and I hit that note–the one that’s not right but sounds amazing anyway, it becomes my favorite part of the track. Lyrically, I like to play with words–sing about stuff that you might not think someone would sing about.” His weird is actually quite astute, as his songs focus on subjects that touch just about everyone. “Well,” he adds, “my weird may not be that weird.”


The relationship with American Cadence Records started simply enough. After a quick meeting with owner Logan Buerlein, Charlie laid down a track just for fun. Both were so pleased with the work environment and the mutual respect for the music that an extended-play project was quickly decided and executed. The swift movement on decisions and minimal takes on the recordings pleased Charlie and Logan, who hope to present an album that captures the very best thing about music–the energy and raw emotion of a live performance.


Abbott is excited to present the record, which is titled Brand New Weather, on May 1 of this year. After years of polish and precision, he’s ready to get real. “I want it to be feel-good music–like riding down the freeway music,” he says, “like good old rock and roll.”  After revisiting some of his favorite artists, including The Smashing Pumpkins and Everclear, he hopes to create music with the same timelessness–something that people will love and listen to now and ten years from now. Without binding himself to a particular style, Charlie may be able to do just that.


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