Breezy in New Bust up With Singer

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The Grammy’s! The uniquely-shaped and highly sought after trophy which everyone in the music

industry dreams about getting their hands on. The accolade which announces to the world the said
artist(s) remarkable achievements in the world of music.

Chris Brown , a man who remains loved around the globe for his music, his dancing and all round
charisma. That was until he admitted to beating up his former Caribbean girlfriend Rihanna back in
2009 and destroying everything he had worked hard for in his career.

So, how did Breezy get on when he travelled to Los Angeles for the 2013 Grammy Awards?

Well, the day prior he was believed to have been involved in a crash in an incident with the press,
causing him to damage his much loved Porsche – and this was before the awards had even started!

A bad start, but did it get any better for the RnB star?

No. Once the event had started and he had found his feeble partner Rihanna to give a little cuddle,
Brown was quick to stir up even more controversy. When the artist that Brown had thrown punches
at just a few weeks ago, Frank Ocean, picked up the Best Urban Contemporary Album award ahead
of him for ‘Orange Rain’, Brown was the only person in the building not to take to his feet for

It was clear for all to see Brown’s disappointment of getting the Grammy given to the man that he
attacked in a car park and reportedly called a fa***t, and it was also apparent that British sensation
Adele, who picked up Best Pop Solo Performance for ‘Set Fire To The Rain’, was also angry at
Brown’s childish refusal and glared at him incensed at his actions.

Will Chris Brown be invited to the future awards? Perhaps not. However, he has a new movie due
out in November of this year called ‘Battle of the Year: The Dream Team’. The film focuses on a
dance group who travel to France in order to compete in The Battle of the Year and become the first
American group to do so in the previous 15 years.

Will Brown’s career in acting be less scrutinised of his singing career? Again, I doubt it, but do we


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