CJ RAMONE & Strung Out Talk About “It’s Not Dead Fest”

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Tomorrow Saturday Oct 10 marks the first “It’s Not Dead Fest” at San Manual Amphitheater in San Bernardino, Ca. – and for old burnouts like me its like 1997 all over again, only this time I am fat, bald, and old. On the bill, to name a few, will be Descendents, 7 Seconds, Swingin Utters, Conflict, Pennywise, Agent Orange, Goldfinger, Less Thank Jake, Lagwagon, Sham 69, Bouncing Souls, etc. Also playing will be CJ Ramone and Strung Out, I sent a few generic questions over to CJ Ramone and Jake Kiley of Strung Out and and they kindly responded – read on:

Awaiting The Flood – What was the first thing you thought when your booking agent said “Hey, you guys are gonna play the “Its Not Dead Fest”?
CJ Ramone – Thanks Kevin!!!
Strung Out/Jake Kiley – We thought lets do it! What a great idea to get the classic warped tour bands and ideals together  one more time!
Awaiting The Flood – What was the second thing you thought?
CJ Ramone – Boy are Dan and Steve going to be tired. (The Adolescents are also on the bill)
Strung Out/Jake Kiley – Can they change the name??!
Awaiting The Flood – Do you find most folks coming to the shows are old, as BenWeasel would label them “freezers”, or is it a younger crowd?
CJ Ramone – Mixed crowds, sometimes kids with their parents, others are kids that dig the “old school”.

Strung Out/Jake Kiley – Our own shows are a good mix of both. Sure you’ve got the long time fans who never miss a show, and when you’ve been putting out albums for over 20 years, well yea do the math.. But we’ve seen a surprising amount of young kids and new fans coming out this last year. I love to meet and talk after our shows, and every night l talk to kids who just saw us for the first time.

Awaiting The Flood – When playing and writing tunes is your mindset to make songs that hit that niche your in and your fans have jived to in the past, or do you write knowing that we all have gotten older and all of our musical tastes have evolved? If the latter, how much do you think the new stuff is resonates with the old folks?
CJ Ramone – I stick to what I know and what I feel. When you pick up a CJ Ramone record you know what you’re going to get.
Strung Out/Jake Kiley – You always want to stay true to your roots, I could never imagine not playing our classic, hyperfast stuff. That being said it gets very boring to both artist and listener if you never evolve or add new elements to your sound. You hope your fanbase grows with you, but that’s not always the case. First you have make yourself happy.
Awaiting The Flood – What is your mindset, musically, going forward the next 5 years?
CJ Ramone – On LAST CHANCE TO DANCE me, Steve, and Dan worked together on a couple songs and some great stuff came out of it. In fact the single, WON’t STOP SWINGIN’ was a result of that. I’m looking forward to doing more of it on the next records.
Strung Out/Jake Kiley – To keep pushing harder and become a better live band. To keep building on the momentum our new album has given us.
Awaiting The Flood – What newest song do you guys do that you feel best captures where you guys are at musically?
CJ Ramone – We covered a lot of ground musically on the last record and I’m not sure that any one song stands out as where we are. But if I had to pick one, WON’T STOP SWINGIN’.
Strung Out/Jake Kiley – Thats a tough one, gonna go with”westcoasttrendkill”!


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