Delta Spirit – Shredding It at The Belly Up Tavern: A Show Review

Features — By on May 31, 2012 3:00 pm

By: Josh Risch

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been following Delta Spirit play live shows for over 6 years now.
Really became of fan while they were “Gimme‘(n) Some Motivation back in 2006. These recent two
nights at The Belly Up Tavern, in Solana Beach, were undoubtedly the best I’ve ever heard them play.
Over the many years of touring now, they have become professionals. The songs they played from their
new self-tilted record sounded great, very clean, and polished. The energy on stage was amplified by
the bad-ass new lights set up on the wall behind them. Their stage presence was also intensified by
somewhat new guitarist Will McLaren, he added to the dynamism of mobility that already exudes
from Matt Vazquez (lead singer, guitar) and Jon Jameson (bass) on stage.

Crowd engagement is necessary with front man Matt Vasquez, he really doesn’t give the crowd an
option. Participation is demanded. It wasn’t difficult for the band to persuade, the mass of fans came
prepared to geek out, especially all of the die hard Delta Spirit babes in the first three rows.
I was entertained thoroughly enjoying the show next to drummer Brandon Young. The drum set was
practically a part of his body, almost literally as he had his snare tucked up to tight, his balls could have
rattled that shit all the same. Sick beats weren’t the only thing Young was spitting, he also spat proper
mini-lugi’s about every five minutes. I was just waiting to see one of the dudes on stage to catch a wet
one right on their back. The chilly base lines of Jon Jameson really carried the slower songs, accompanied
by close to perfect harmonies between Kelly Winrich (dude that can play anything and everything) and
The encore sunday night was quite unique, and unlike anything I had ever seen. During the middle of the
Trash Can Song, Vasquez decided to crowd surf. This wasn’t your normal crowd surfing, he was directing
the fans where to take him and they took him from one bar in the venue to another. At the second bar,
Vasquez ordered a jack and coke, then returned safely back to the stage to deliver the drink to his guitar
tech. Delta Spirit also invited their friends from Waters and Tijuana Panthers on stage to help them out
during the Trash Can Song.

Delta Spirit plays really good music and are super fun to watch live, even if they forget the lyrics to their
songs. Which happened once Sunday night during the middle of the set. The only complaint I could think of,
is that they didn’t play California, their new single from the self titled album. I thought it would have been neat
since they are all from California and it was a homecoming weekend.

The opening bands were rad, especially Waters. In fact they were so awesome I bought a t-shirt.


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