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We’re introducing a new feature here at The Flood called Beyond the Music. (Yes, in the spirit of VH1’s sensationalistic “Behind the Music” series, but without the ubiquitous tragedies.) Each installment of ATF – Beyond the Music will feature a video with commentary by the artist about the song, the video shoot, the album, juicy insider tidbits, or whatever they care to divulge.

Our first guest is Nashville’s own Derek Hoke who caught our attention with his debut album, 2010’s Goodbye Rock ‘n’ Roll. [Read our review HERE. The album even made our Top 20-Something List for that year.] Derek’s got some righteous rock music bona fides but has chosen to embrace his more country side — hence the “goodbye” to rock ‘n’ roll. Honestly, he’s such a talented singer/songwriter, he could start singing polka tunes and we’d still listen.

This is the video for “The Finer Things” from that album.

Derek Hoke – The Finer Things from derek hoke on Vimeo.

“The video was directed by James Weems, and the characters are essentially an outlaw couple in the 20’s or 30’s, like Bonnie and Clyde, Starkweather and Fugate. The band was filmed during the day at 3 Crow Bar in East Nashville with the one-and-only Bryn Davies on bass. The 3 Crow Bar (formerly The Slow Bar) is located across the street from Woodland Studios. Woodland is owned by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. It’s the ‘neighborhood bar’. They used to have live music and the likes of Patty Griffin, and Old Crow Medicine show would pop in to do sets.

“The lovely couple is played by real life lovely couple Jacob Jones and Molly McClary. The locations were primarily north of Nashville in Orlinda, and Cross Plains, TN, including historic Thomas Drugs, which has been in operation since the 20’s. There are several intact buildings from the turn of the last century, due to the fact that the area has been largely missed by tornadoes over the years.

“Jacob is a fine musician in his own right. He’s also built a rep as a promoter and DJ. Molly works at the Mexican place down the street. They are newly engaged. Jacob actually hurt his leg doing those falls.”

Derek will release a new album this fall. Check out his website for upcoming live shows, and stalk him on Twitter: @DerekHoke.

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