Happy 62nd to James Young, Styx Guitarist

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James “J.Y.” Young, born November 14, 1949, Chicago, IL — Guitarist, singer and songwriter, original member of the rock band Styx. The video featured here, “Too Much Time On My Hands,” is from the band’s penultimate album (and biggest seller), Paradise Theater. Two years later, after the release of the overconceptualized-yet-Platinum-selling rock opera album Kilroy Was Here, the band broke up.

Yes, you could say we have too much time on our hands hunting down birthdays, but we do it all for you! Enjoy this trip back to 1981, a simpler time of Love Boat sailor suits, puffy-shouldered jackets, jumpsuits, bad doggy-style haircuts, overacting, and lots and lots of chemical stimulants.

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