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Two Years is like a musical diary of life on the road

Kiernan McMullan, the talented singer/songwriter and musician, will release his latest album, Two Years, on March 6, 2012 with American Cadence Records here in the United States and on Love Gum Records in the United Kingdom in May and June of 2012.

McMullan has crafted a deeply personal record, detailing the two years between signing his first recording contract and finishing the final track for the Two Years album.  Kiernan says, “Two Years is a concept record that tells a full story from beginning to end, just like a book. You can begin with the opening track, What If, which is a prologue, full of the anticipation and nerves I felt as I was about to leave Ireland to start touring in America for the first time. Conversely, Two Years ends the album as an epilogue, looking back at the previous 730 days and finally allowing myself to take a breath.”

Listeners can follow McMullan on the road, from city to city and state to state, reliving some of his craziest and most inspiring moments through the songs.  “Within the album there are stories from the road in songs like Heartbeat and Rocking Chair, with references of hot nights in Austin all the way to blizzards in New York that caused the van to crash.”

More than just weather, McMullan experienced life, love, and loss while traveling the country. He says, “There are stories of love and loss in songs like Alright Was Never Good Enough and Set You Free, where I realized the hardships that come from spending your life on the road and leaving your significant other at home.”  Kiernan also doesn’t shy away from sharing his frustrations and triumphs in the music industry, including several tracks that speak frankly and with humor.  According the McMullan, “Take a Number is an almost satiric look at the cynical side of the music business and Sick of You is a song of frustration with the ever-changing opinions of people that came in and out of my life. Chaos Is a Part of Everything most clearly explains the feeling experienced when your life puts you in a different city every day.”

Though loss of identity is a constant theme throughout the record, there is no denying a strong sense of rediscovering self.  After all, “I’ve been able to spend the last few years working on the exact album I have wanted to put out for a long time,” Kiernan says.

The album will be available on iTunes and through American Cadence Records. Visit www.americancadence.org for more information.

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