Lovesick Stupid: Urban Hell

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Lovesick Stupid: Urban Hell is the latest EP released by the Nashville, Tennessee duo of Chad Kalhagen and Alyson Burgess. The album is a splendid example of the diversity of the Nashville music scene when you take the time to look beyond the New York owned façade of mainstream country artists. Lovesick Stupid sounds like a combination of Alice in Chains and Tool with a little Scott H. Biram sprinkled in for good measure. In other words, their sound is best categorized as edgy acoustic-rock with a twist of hardcore or gutter-punk attitude. The six songs on Urban Hell work well together as a cohesive unit and the lyrics, as well as the music, on the album portend a bright future for this duo.

“Home Sweet Home,” the first track on the album, attacks the listener’s senses from the start with hard edged syncopated guitar work and Kalhagen’s powerful lead vocals setting up a melodic chorus of symbiotic music. Burgess’ vocal harmonies accent Kalhagen’s lead vocals superbly by adding a tonal diversity that fills out the overall sound of the song. The album’s third track “MusicCity” begins with a sweet little rock riff that sets up the verses nicely. The lyrics tell the story of a man who sets out forNashvilleto live his dream of writing and playing music. He reassures his woman that, “You’ve got my number baby/ I’ll be doin’ fine inMusicCity.” The song is a potential anthem for countless numbers of musicians who give up everything to move toNashville and try to make their name in the music business. The final song, “Tomorrow’s Today”, is another stand out song on the album. The sonic richness of the two guitar arrangement and vocal harmonies on this song will leave you wanting more songs to enjoy from this talented duo.

Urban Hell is fresh, exhilarating, and strangely familiar. Lovesick Stupid has made an album that showcases their numerous talents and would be a welcome addition to the music collection of any fan of rock, metal, or tense acoustic music. The album has a parental advisory for explicit lyrics so it is not appropriate for those with delicate sensibilities or those less than seventeen years of age. For more information on Lovesick Stupid or to hear their album you can find them on Facebook at If you would like to buy your own copy of Lovesick Stupid: Urban Hell visit

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