Sidewalk Dave’s Video for “750ml of Spirit” – A Thanksgiving Thank You

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Here’s a Thanksgiving Thank You Gift from one of ATF’s favorite bands, Sidewalk Dave out of Connecticut. It’s their official debut video for “750ml of Spirit” off their 2010 album Gold Liquid Mischief that was entirely “written, recorded, re-written, re-recorded under the influence of the almighty jug and the bitter taste of whisky.” This may seem like a recipe for a sloppy album, but Gold Liquid Magic is a gutsy tour de force.

Check out our review of Gold Liquid Mischief HERE, and for those of you in need of further research, bask in our review of their debut album, Songs for Cowards, right HERE. Watch the video, then read the story behind Gold Liquid Mischief (scroll past the video).

The story behind Sidewalk Dave’s latest album, straight from the band themselves:

“Gold Liquid Mischief” is an album inspired by, written while, and recorded under the influence of drinking. This might seem like it was all fun and shame, and at times it really was, but when your only choice on the matter of drinking is either cheap scotch or cheap bourbon, it begins to drown your soul. Let me explain how it all started.

We released “Songs for Cowards” in March of 2009. It got great reviews from local press and national blogs and we had just bought an airport shuttle bus that we fixed up and started touring New England in. People started showing up to shows knowing the words and we were selling out of our first pressing of the album. Our spirits were high and our drinking was celebratory. That all changed on July 3rd.

While Mike Skaggs went to get some bass strings, Bruce Kings (Drummer) and I (Sidewalk Dave) took our old beat up motorcycles out for a spin. Unfortunately, we spun right into the curb. In a whirlwind of flying teeth, ripping flesh, and bending ribs we escaped on-coming traffic and woke up, side-by-side in an ambulance. Spirits dropped to there lowest and our only way to cope with our near death experience and our tragically uninsured wallets was to suck on some bottled spirits.

With Bruce under the wrench and vise of a unsympathetic devil of a surgeon, I was trapped at our rehearsal space– unable to walk, let alone drive. I couldn’t work and I had a $5,000 medical bill (I got off easy). The only thing I could do was play guitar and write. I couldn’t quite sing to well at this point because my ribs were bruised pretty bad. I had been drinking to keep my mind off the pain and within a few days after the accident I started demoing tracks for “Gold Liquid Mischief”.

When Kings got back, the three core members of the band sat around a fire and passed a bottle of Old Granddad Kentucky Bourbon around. We talked about how torn up we all were inside and out. We had to cancel shows and we were feeling restless. We decided to make an oath: We, the band; Sidewalk Dave, hereby swear to make this album while under the influence of the almighty jug and the bitter taste of whiskey. From the beginning of the writing and recording to the hungover end, gold liquid mischief will be our guide.

We learned to conjure up hangover cures from rotten half finished cans in the late mornings and turned our afternoons into late summer nights. Throughout we were bonding with our newest members; Gabriel Cruz and Patrick Dalton. Cruz was our new lead guitarist and Dalton was a trumpet player turned drinking buddy. The five of us talked long and slurred about how this record had to be different. It had to drip with sweat and it had to stink of booze but moreover, it had to sound like all the highs and lows you get from drinking. Golden trumpets and strings of bells interlace through a nostalgic whiskey stained narrative. From the first burn in your chest to the sunrise regrets, “Gold Liquid Mischief” is at the mercy of our drunken rational.

From July to February gold was a constant color in our eyes, minds, and livers. Now, I’m having a beer to help me remember all these happenings. This wasn’t an excuse to drink, it was an act of desperation or a tunnel we dug below where we saw others were walking. At the beginning we were broken and inspired, and by the end we were ragged and proud.

Now, while we wean, we ask that you listen to this record to help us remember what we lost and gained in those seven months.
released 01 April 2010
The band, Sidewalk Dave, is:
Bruce Kings – Drums, Piano, Organ, Percussion, Backing vocals, Gold
Gabriel Cruz – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Skaggs – Bass, Backing Vocals
Sidewalk Dave – Lyrics, Rhythm guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals

… and dirty golden brass carried to completion by Patrick Dalton

The Oath:
We, the band; Sidewalk Dave, hereby swear to have written, recorded, re-written, re-recorded, lost, gained, and dreamed up this album while under the influence of the almighty jug and the bitter taste of whisky. From the beginning of this record to this very moment that we are writing this, gold liquid mischief has ensued.

We’d like to thank:
the spirit, both Holy and liquid, Senior; your tireless tolerance and overwhelming support has kept us alive every groggy sunrise, The Heirloom Arts Theatre, Sam Brown at exploding dog for your blurry vision,
… and also, For reasons unmentionable and/or lost in the black outs, Tribe.

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