Those Darlins – “Screws Get Loose” Signed CD Giveaway

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UPDATE: Congrats to our winners: Terry in Lexington and Beatriz in Chicago. Enjoy the signed CDs!

Enter to Win Two Signed Copies of Screws Get Loose. Details After the Review.

Set to drop March 29, Those Darlins‘ highly anticipated sophomore release, Screws Get Loose (Oh Wow Dang), finds the band stronger, louder and with a tougher edge than on their 2009 self-titled debut. This time out the guitars are fuzzier and more distorted, the rhythm section more gymnastic, and the attitude less naïve.

Those Darlins must have gotten tired of the New York Times referring to them as “the country trio from Murfreesboro” in their weekly concert listings, as well as drummer Linwood Regensberg getting the Dangerfield treatment: No respect, no respect at all. Linwood takes lead vocals on “Let U Down” sounding eerily similar to a young Mick Jagger on what could have been a lost Stones B-side.

The album opens with the title track, a new twist on the well-worn tale of the hazards of life on the road. The song is infinitely catchy, but before things get too comfortable, there’s a bent and vertiginous guitar solo at the bridge, very much like Dead Milkmen on acid. “Mystic Mind” continues the trippy throwback feel, opening with Norman Greenbaum-style sound (all fat drums and fuzzy, throaty guitar) and then shuffling along with dusty percussion and images worthy of an old Doors song.

A sense of claustrophobic dichotomy (I want you, but not like that) runs through many of the songs, especially on “Be Your Bro,” (“I just want to run and play in the dirt with you/You just want to stick it in”) and “Fatty Needs A Fix,” with its pitch-perfect line: “You just want to give me some lovin’/But I don’t want that kind of bun in the oven.” The latter is neo post-punk pop that reminded me of Adrenalin O.D.’s “Bulimic Food Fight”, but with all the bingeing and nary a purge.

“Boy” features Kelley Darlin’s gorgeous voice as she recounts the archetypal troubadour’s guy in every port narrative. The sound is so California, you can almost see her slip on a pair of Ray Bans, toss her guitar into the back seat of a bitchin’ ’67 Camaro SS convertible and steal off into the sunset down the PCH.

As with their debut, Those Darlins have again taken myriad influences and made them their own; but this time, instead of Carter Family classics, Charlie Louvin, and rockabilly, it’s ’60s psychedelic and pop, west coast post-punk and shimmery lo-fi garage rock. Labels aside, Screws Get Loose is a compelling follow-up.


ATF has two copies of the new CD signed by the band (Kelley, Jessi, Nikki and Linwood) up for grabs. Just post a comment here or drop us a line at Contests@CountryMusicPride[dot]com (that’s our sister site). Give us your best Darlins live show experience — or tell us about the song you can’t get out of your head — and why you deserve to win. Remember to include your contact info so we can notify you. We’ll choose two winners in a week or so. Good luck!

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  1. Arlyn says:

    My favorite Those Darlins show was at the Space Gallery in Portland, ME!!! Rockin out front row!! It was my first experience listening to them. Had to buy the Vinyl and Cd!! One of my all time fav shows!!

  2. Al Ashley says:

    Love this Band. They were great in Tampa.

  3. David McCardle says:

    Sure…I’ll take one

  4. Ballot-Besson Elodie says:

    Hy Those Darlins!
    I hope the game will work for French fan too!
    I met you next year on Youtube, since I bought your CD Those Darlin and I’m listening it all the time in my car (quite dangerous because I’m dansing when I’m driving) !
    I learn your new album on your myspace, and I had “night jogger” as gift so I don’t win I will buy it for sure !!!

    Really hope to see you one day in French Alps you’re so Great… “Those darlins” is also a life style and I adopt it!
    Kiss to the Darlins and her sheriff

  5. Chris says:

    “The green in my pocket ain’t no friend of mine” (“$”)

    ain’t that the truth. not sure i deserve to win more than anyone else, but if it makes any difference, I enjoy the shit out of the album and would give it a kind and loving home.


  6. danny diggins says:

    Those Darlins are the best band touring america right now. If they are coming to your town and you miss them you WILL be sorry!

  7. There are two Those Darlins songs I can’t get out of my head…Wild One from their last album and Night Jogger from the new album! I am such a huge fan. My favorite Those Darlins live experience was actually at a Deer Tick show. Nikki jumped up on stage and sang Cake and Eggs with John McCauley and it was amazing! I was hooked on the band since then. I would love to win the signed cd. I only support and listen to indie music because I feel that these are the artists who do it for the love of music and fans, not because they are making millions doing it. This would be a fantastic representation of that! Please, please pick me!!! 😉

  8. Dear Those Darlins:

    I WISH I could gotta seen ya if you came to KC(Kansas City) . I sent an email to your booker saying how cool we were here in KC. 🙂 I have to see you live sometime. Two songs…I know I’m an overachiever.
    Wild One rocks my socks off. I LOVE this song. I’ve turned on a lot of my friends to you with this song initially and it was the first song I heard by you. It screams being an individual without compromise. Love that! It grabbed me by the ear and made me have to listen to more!! Then all of sudden a new album. I was pumped.
    I’m going with Be Your Bro. I’ve more times than most got along with guys better than girls. Sometimes there are no motives in hanging out and more times than enough the hidden agenda would rear its ugly head from the guy. Your haunting-daunting melodies on this album have solidified my fanhood. You’re the bastard children of Johnny Cash and the punk daughters of Siouxsie & the Banshees and for that I love you. You have cleaned off some dust I’ve had on my ears for a little while as far as listening to music. Thank you for refreshing my ears!! For that I hope to win your signed album!! It would be awesome. Keep on rockin!

    Beth Herlocker

    P.S. If you toured with Black Lips, that would BE AMAZING SHOW!

  9. Anna says:

    Last time I saw Those Darlins was too long ago… in Charlottesville last winter during one of the crazy snowstorms. Lots of Rappahannock folk out and about despite the weather… lovely.

  10. Johanna Gee says:

    Ive been obsessively listening to “be your bro”, rocking to it as i get ready everyday (it gets my blood flowing like nothing else can) I saw those Darlins last summer in Kansas City MO, it was a great, sweaty, dancy, drinking kind of night. the best.

  11. ChrisB says:

    I’m seein’ ’em in L.A. in a month, 1st time. And I want it ’cause they sing about goin’ out for crawdads and I grew up gigging for crawdads… and like Those Darlins’, I didn’t care if I was with a boy or a girl — I just wanted to get me some crawdads!!!

  12. Sasha says:

    Saw them at Norman Music Festival last spring and LOVED the show. Fabulous. I love that my kiddos (5 and 7) ask to hear their CD and sing along to “Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy”.

  13. Jim says:

    The absolute best Halloween I ever spent was watching Those Darlins open up for the Meat Puppets in Houston. All our Darlins were fantastically dressed as famous artists and the attention to detail was spectacular. How did they do this while on the road? Volume! Dig Them Darlins.

  14. Joe says:

    Just saw them for the first time opening up for Old 97’s at First Ave. in Minneapolis last month. I even braved a major snowstorm to see them!

  15. Betty says:

    So my 1st Those Darlins experience was on Halloween 2009 and my husband suggested we go. I was hesitant because we’d be missing out on most of the Halloween festivities for that night. They were all dressed as famous painters Pollock, Frida, Warhol…When these ladies and man hit the stage they made me forget about anything else that was going on! They play with such fun, crazy excitement that you can’t help to join in on the fun. I think I am so lucky to see them in such a small venue because Kelly was literally playing her guitar laying down on the floor next to me. After the show we were able to talk to them and take pictures with them. In the months that followed they made appearances in SXSW 2010 and surrounding cities around Houston but didn’t come back. I started contacting their booking people and local clubs to see if they could come back and dialogue started between these people but were not able to return because they were due to start on their album. I was so excited when I learned they would be playing Austin City Limits Festival and made sure I was there on time (it was an early show). They recently finally came back to Houston this month and I was able to see them again! We were upfront and center against the barricade for them and they weren’t even the headliners. After there set I was able to talk to Kelly and Linwood for a while and take pictures again. They are the most down to earth band I’ve met. They always have a great time and share that with the audience! I can’t wait for their album to get here already because so far from the live shows it sounds pretty sick!
    Betty Gonzalez

  16. Ashley Bradley says:

    My first experience listening to Those Darlins was on the fantastic site Daytrotter that let’s you download sessions for free from some really great artists. Man, was their session good! I’ve listened to it waaay too many times to count since. ‘Who’s That Knocking At My Window’ and ‘Hung Up On Me’ are two of my favorites. I love all the musical styles they incorporate in their songs and how you can’t quite place them. They’re a little bit country, rockabilly, twang, and rock and roll all rolled in one. Plus they seem pretty badass and although I unfortunately haven’t gotten to see them in person yet, I hear they put on one hell of a wild, rockin’ show.’Be Your Bro’ is the only song I’ve heard so far from their new album, but the video was a treat to watch and left me wanting to hear the rest of the new album, so hopefully I’ll win a signed copy!

  17. Indy says:

    Can’t get enough. This is my favorite group. I’m looking forward to the Chicago show!

  18. andrew says:

    the best those darlins show was at FireHouse 13 in providence when they opened for hometown heroes Deer Tick. they blasted through their set, kicking ass and spitting beer. we even got drunk and rowdy after! one of the best shows i have ever been to

  19. Carrie says:

    I saw Those Darlins at Meredith Music Festival in Australia in December last year. The band were, of course, very cool indeed, but what really made it spectacular were the absolute trippers in the crowd (c’mon, it was about midday on day three so there were some pretty special people around). There was a girl dressed in what looked like a 50s prom frock and a boy dressed in his undies dancing like mad fuckers – we’re talking full aeroplanes and the whole shebang – and doing belly skids in the mud right in front of the stage. The undies did come off at one point but security made him put them and a terry-towelling bathrobe (no one’s really sure where it came from) back on. If they hadn’t been so off their faces they probably would have done themselves some damage. The band looked like they were as amused as the folks who were giving the dancing duo plenty of room to strut their stuff. It was an absolute highlight in a Meredith full of great moments. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

  20. Adam says:

    I hope i win a freebie. They had to cancel their last Baltimore show. Looking forward to seeing them Thursday night.

  21. Bea says:

    Just got the CD in the mail THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Listening as I type.

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