Those Darlins Sneak Peek: “Be Your Bro”

Features — By on February 1, 2011 9:45 pm

Evolution is a good thing, especially for Those Darlins: new website, new album out in March, new singles out next week, new attitude. We’ve known for a while their next record would focus on a more garage-punk sound, and the first single (“Be Your Bro”) off the new album, Screws Get Loose, proves it.

Comparisons will be inevitable: Wanda Jackson’s grandkids? Miraculously impossible incestuous bastard riot grrrl offspring of Bikini Kill and Bangs? Joey’s kids? Yes, all that and more but with Those Darlins’ own unique spin as evidenced by this line from “Be Your Bro”: “I may have girly parts but I’ve got a boyish heart,” and a joyously jarring angular guitar solo that made this editor misty-eyed for Dead Milkmen.

The album drops March 29, and is available for pre-order here. The 7 inch of “Let U Down” and “Be Your Bro” comes out next week, but listen to the latter right here.

(Band artwork by Veta&Theo.)

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