Video of the Week: Charlene Kaye & The Brilliant Eyes

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Our ears perked up when we heard Charlene Kaye singing “Mad Tom of Bedlam,” from her 2010 EP Charlene Kaye & The Brilliant Eyes. And then we saw the video. Yowza! Check out this jazzy, swingin’, rockin’ group for yourself, fronted by the effervescent, golden-throated multi-instrumentalist Kaye.


Here’s an excerpt from her official bio:

Born in Hawaii but also a former resident of Arizona, Hong Kong, Singapore, Michigan, and now New York, Charlene Kaye is the daughter of two church singers, a classically trained pianist, skilled multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and performer. Sunday morning gospel, classical, jazz, showtunes, Fats Waller and Carole King were the accompaniment to her home life. The revolving door of instruments in Charlene’s young life included lessons in clarinet, saxophone, classical piano, and violin until the age of 14, when she discovered punk music and traded in her lessons for a Fender stratocaster. Within months, she had learned almost every song she knew on guitar, which prompted her to start secretly writing her own music. Rufus Wainwright, Michael Jackson, Sondre Lerche, the Beatles, Nina Simone, and Joni Mitchell became familiar voices on her stereo, nurturing her ardor for pop music and songcraft. It would be years before she revealed her own songs to anyone, going to college at University of Michigan and performing at open mics and local coffee houses around town.

Prior to the band’s EP, her debut full length, Things I Will Need in the Past, was released in October 2008. A new LP is forthcoming. Stay tuned!

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  1. Etan says:

    Charlene is such a gifted singer, songwriter and live performer. Can’t wait to see her live again in Brooklyn!

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