Video Premier: “Seven Sisters” by Bastard Lovechild of Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Florida band Bastard Lovechild of Rock ‘n’ Roll (BLORR) made our Best of 2010 list with their debut EP, Bim Bom. Honestly, it’d been a long time since we’d heard anything that rocked this hard and had so much soul and literary depth — and some damn fine bossa nova breaks, too!

So, imagine our surprised delight when they sent us this video, a premier for one of Bim Bom‘s most atmospheric songs, “Seven Sisters.” View the awesomeness yourself, and after you’ve dried off check out our Behind The Music Video Q&A with BLORR singer, guitarist and keyboard player Chris Hess (aka Cookie SugarHips).

Had you always envisioned such trippy underwater gymnastics as visuals for this song? The production is first-rate; how’d you pull it off?

Initially we came up with the theme for this video as sort of a far-fetched idea that could probably not happen. (How could we possibly film underwater? In the ocean? Convince a bunch of girls to swim around us for hours and make it look ethereal enough to believe it?) But a company called LX-Goods came to us wanting to make a video and when we pitched them the idea they were blown away and went out of their way to make it happen.

Where was the video shot?

We ended up shooting in our friend Alek Parker’s pool (who also shot a behind-the-scenes video and made the crew and sisters a big lunch, bless his heart). We blacked out the back of the pool with cloth and we shot it all within about a five-foot width. Then the rest of the shots were done at the beach in Satellite [Florida].

How’d you convince these mysterious and beautiful women to writhe around in the water for hours on end?

Those amazing sisters were for the most part our friends or girls that had been to shows who wanted to be a part of it when we put the word out that we were shooting a music video. They were absolute champs. Their eyes were burning out of their skulls from hours and hours in chlorine, and then they did multiple shots in the cold ocean at dusk and the whole time they were happy to be doing it. In all we had about nine girls. Luckily there was a hot tub and bottles of champagne to keep them warm when they were not shooting their scenes.

Was it an arduous production experience?

We started make-up (done by Alana Davis) and preparations at 6 a.m. and ended at about 8 p.m. It was quite a day, but we managed to finish shooting in one day. We worked extensively with the editor, Alex Wolfe, for a few weeks to make sure the final product matched up to what we envisioned.

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  1. JackG says:

    It’s an amazing feat to make a music video featuring beautiful women on a beach without it feeling like Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”. The video has a delicate yet innocent sensuality, but there is definitely a certain eeriness, kind of like an acid trip gone right.

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